Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)


In USA FBA special transportation line (Amazon FCL direct delivery), all the goods delivered to one Amazon warehouse are shipped in a container, from a local source port to a destination port in USA by sea, with the container directly delivered to the Amazon warehouse, not unpacking from the container halfway, also known as FBA FCL direct delivery. The goods of one or more owners will be delivered in one cabinet to the same FBA warehouse. It features high cost performance, reduced transit, high safety, and direct and fast delivery.

Special line transportation services with high-quality domestic shipping company/airline company resources and rich overseas resources, customized based on the demands of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. FBA special transportation line means that after the goods are loaded from Taiwan/China, one full container will be delivered directly to a designated Amazon warehouse, realizing zero transfer and zero loss of goods. It is suitable for the products with stable sales volume and medium and large products of the cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

FBA Shipping Service Process

FBA Front-End Shipping

Pyramid Logistic can provide almost all the door-to-door services to Amazon FBA warehouse. For the FBA warehouse in the United States and Canada, we provide the exclusive route developed for Amazon sellers, with economical and fast services available for customers to choose. Full containers and combined containers are our both strengths. Services are tailored based on customers’ needs, and dedicated staffs are assigned for follow-up with special customers and special treatment without mixed containers to ensure rapid customs clearance. In addition, we cooperate with the trailer company designated by Amazon to ensure the most cost-effective delivery service. We provide direct delivery to FBA warehouse by sea, air and express.

FBA by Air (Airlift)

For the scheduled airlift flights of Pyramid Logistic, orders shall be placed before 12:00 at noon from Monday to Saturday, and goods will be received before 6:00 p.m. on the same day. From the day of settlement, it will take about 3~5 days to arrive at the Amazon warehouse in the United States. Pyramid Logistic will give timely feedback and assist to deal with any problems.

If the quantity of goods reaches more than 500kg, Pyramid Logistic can arrange flights separately.

FBA by Sea (Ocean Shipping)

The fixed ocean shipping schedule of Pyramid Logistic is on a weekly basis, and the deadline for reception of order and goods is 18:00 in the afternoon of Thursdays. The goods will be loaded after being inspected and will arrive at the port of Los Angeles in about 17 days after following departure, or arrive at the Amazon warehouse in about 2-4 days (varying based on the actual distance from your state to our Amazon warehouse).

Pyramid Logistic can arrange the shipping date of bulk cargo or container cargo to the United States or Canada separately based on the requirements of customers.

FBA local customs clearance service in USA

Pyramid Logistic provides special customs clearance, customs clearance and agent clearance services. If your FBA goods are detained by the customs in the importing country, we can help you to deal with customs clearance except that the detention is due to any problem with the products themselves, so as to avoid high return fees incurred in return of goods.

We have the following advantages:

  • Experienced customs declaration officer in China
  • Experienced customs declaration officer in USA (more than 20 years of customs declaration experience in the East or West USA)
  • We are committed to providing the most convenient, the fastest and the most cost-saving shipping logistics services for the vast number of exporters, importers and e-commerce customers.

FBA Return to USA & Relabeling

In general, for various reasons, it is difficult for Amazon sellers to avoid account closure, removal of products from shelf, and customers’ return etc., which may be encountered by every e-commerce business. Pyramid Logistic can provide the service of accepting return or replacement of goods, changing labels, repackaging, and shipping on behalf of Amazon in the United States or Canada, so that your products can regain value and avoid any loss in your goods.

The USA warehouse will accept goods returning, replacing and relabeling services. After years of communication with e-commerce customers, we find that almost all sellers have overstocked goods in Amazon warehouse and cannot sell them from time to time, mainly because:

1. The packaging of the goods is damaged during shipping, which cannot be registered as new products.

2. The goods are rejected or invalidated in LISTING audit.

3. The goods involve infringement and the account is closed.


In fact, 95% of these unsalable goods can be resold after being processed, because:

1. The goods with packaging damaged is actually not damaged in itself.

2. The buyer may return the goods only because of personal preference for the external packaging.

3. The LISTING audit can be solved by creating a new account or selling the same product under the original account.

However, the current situation is that, most of the sellers are located in China and cannot handle these matters, so they have to leave them to fate. Consequently, as time goes by, more and more unsalable goods will be accumulated in Amazon warehouse. Apart from the storage fee and destruction fee charged by Amazon, what the seller loses is mainly the prices already paid for these goods, labeling labor cost, labeling fee, forward freight, customs duty, FBA fee, and the expected revenue on the goods. Dealing with the overstocked has become the most embarrassing issue for sellers. Even if Amazon could help to return it, where would it be returned to?

The freight would be too high if goods are returned by transfer agency, or it would be painful to have them destroyed directly by Amazon. If the goods remain kept in FBA, Amazon will charge the storage fee. Pyramid Logistic is your right hand to help you solve these problems with your goods, your second home for your goods in addition to the FBA warehouse, and your key to breaking through so many dilemmas. Pyramid Logistic provides repackaging, relabeling, transshipment and secondary sales services in the United States and Canada. Our overseas warehouse staffs are familiar with Amazon product features and return rules,

and will quickly handle repackaging, relabeling, or transshipment after receiving the returns.

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