Liquid Logistics Services


✔ ISO tank container import/export and transportation

✔ Oil tank/gas/food container lease

✔ One-stop services

ISO Tank Container import/export businesses, oil tank/gas /food container lease services. To provide safe, healthy and environmental transportation for customers’ dangerous cargo, we are experienced in import/export space booking, declaration, transportation (transit via highway, railroad, waterway) for dangerous goods. We introduce the goal of “one-stop” service to deliver the cargo safely, timely and precisely at the appointed destination. As a professional liquid chemical carrier, we integrate all associate suppliers and experienced agency groups at different locations worldwide to provide professional knowledge and technical support. Based on our goals of strict management and safety first, we have earned the support and positive valuation of domestic and foreign petrochemical manufacturing companies with our continuous improvements in ISO tank transportation and become a trustworthy partner.

ISO Tank: it is a moveable pressure container, which is distinguished from general dry containers and due to structural complexity, it requires mass time, strength and money for maintenance to meet safety use regulations. Pyramid Logistic has had long-term cooperation professional ISO tank maintenance providers. Flexitank: it is a flexible packaging container designed for the transport and/or storage of a non-regulated liquid. It can be placed into a standard 20-foot ISO container and easily be applied to various modes of transportation. Flexitank may replace traditional packaging such as high-cost tank containers and iron containers, thus reducing the costs of loading and unloading, transportation and material management.

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